In 1755, George Fisher founded the town of Middletown and named it so because it was halfway between Lancaster and Carlisle. With such a rich history there are many historical buildings long gone or still standing. Many businesses and industries thrived in our borough.

Our reference collection holds many local history resources from books to newspaper clippings, which are available for you to view in the library. There are also some local history books for sale.

To showcase what we have to offer, Mikaela Fleisher, a Library Science grad student (and our intern) researched and designed the presentation “A Glimpse Into the Past: A Photographic History of the Borough of Middletown.”


The Middletown Area Historical Society, is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to collect, preserve and teach the great history of the Middletown area.” This historical society contributed to many of the sources used in this presentation and we encourage you to support them.