Internet Access and Public-Use Computers

From home PCs, anyone may browse the Middletown Public Library catalog. Current cardholders may also access their own library accounts to place holds or renew items. 

In the library, visitors may use one of our public-use computers to access the Internet, set up and access a personal e-mail account, or use any of several popular Microsoft applications such as Word or Excel. Users may print from the public use computers in black and white for $0.20/page or in color for $0.50/page. Users must add money to their library card account at the front desk prior to printing.

The library also offers wireless access to the Internet.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Middletown Public Library provides a variety of computer-based services to the public, including some personal computing software (such as word processing), specialized databases, and Internet use through Library owned computers and wireless connections. Anyone wishing to use computers at the Library must read and accept the following:

Middletown Public Library is a CIPA-compliant (Children’s Internet Protection Act) facility and will not provide unfiltered access to users under the age of 17. The filtering software is designed to protect against access to visual depictions defined as obscene, child pornography, and material that is harmful to minors, as required by law. Library cannot and does not guarantee that filtering software will block such material, nor can the Library guarantee that the filters will not restrict access to sites with legitimate value

The Library expressly prohibits use of library computers for illegal activities or to access material that contains or makes reference to explicit sexual materials as defined in 18 Pa. C.S. sec 5903, is obscene, contains child pornography, or is harmful to minors.

In compliance with Pennsylvania law regarding the confidentiality of library use, the Library will not release any information on patrons’ Internet use except as required by law or necessary for the proper operation of the Library.

The Library will enforce time limits on computer use.

Library users are responsible for observing all copyright, licensing, and communication laws.

Altering computer settings or software configurations or files belonging to the Library, internal or external network hacking, and damaging computer equipment are prohibited.

Users will not create or distribute computer viruses or destructive computer code over the internet, or deliberately or willfully cause damage to computer equipment or programs.

Users must follow Middletown Public Library User Behavior Policy.   The Library reserves the right to terminate an individual’s use of library computers at any time for failure to comply with this policy.


The Library is not responsible for information or work lost during a computer session.

Internet users must evaluate the validity and/or appropriateness of information.  The Library is not responsible for the quality or acceptability of content on Internet sites. The Library selects links for their official website to guide users to sites that have been reviewed according to selection criteria used for other library resources.

Parents and guardians are the best and final judges of what is appropriate for their children and are responsible for their children’s Internet use. The Library staff does not act in place of a parent to restrict what a child may access.

The Library’s network and computers may not support some file types or applications that are available on the Internet.

Library users may not store individual files on the Library’s hard drives. Files or other data found on hard drives are deleted as part of daily clean-up procedures. Library users may use USB ports on the fronts of Library computers for their own USB-compatible computing devices, or save documents to a 3.5 floppy disc. The Library is not responsible for any corruption or other loss of data that may occur or for flash drives and other devices used or left in the library.

Online purchases using credit cards, and online banking or online investing are not prohibited but are discouraged.  The Library is not responsible or liable for any problems arising from such transactions.

The Library makes no guarantees, implied or otherwise, regarding the reliability of the computers.

Adopted by the Middletown Public Library Board, 2005

Revised February 28, 2011