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Coloring Group

Middletown Public Library

Come color at the library. Bring your friends or come and make new friends.

Summer Saturday

Middletown Public Library

11 am-1pm Open Play in our children's section. LEGOs, STEM Club, Board Games, puzzles, and more. 12:30-1:30 Family Yoga in the Assembly Room.  

Musical Monday-Grins and Grins

MCSO Building W. Emaus Street, Middletown

The Grins & Grins Comedy Show is a fast-paced variety show that incorporates magic, ventriloquism, whip-cracking, "daring" feats of balance, circus skills and more to create a family-friendly show that is WAAAY more than just another juggling act! Ray brings incredible circus skills to the show, all the while trying to rein in Erin and her wacky antics. Together, they pack in a maximum of madcap madness that is guaranteed to please families, children and adults of all ages. Part of our weekly "Musical Mondays" Summer Reading Programing series. For more about Grins and Grins . . . Read More »

Musical Mondays-Silly Joe

MCSO Building W. Emaus Street, Middletown

Silly Joe entertains audiences with high-energy songs about the everyday lives of kids and families. With a guitar, a loud voice, a wig, a kazoo, boxer shorts, and a lot of silly body movements, Silly Joe keeps everyone involved in the show. Silly Joe sings about family trips with grumpy dads in “Are We There Yet?” crazy pets in “Timmy Had a Tiger” and “Dumb Dog,” brother and sister relationships in “Little Sister Blues” and “Princess in Training,” and kids who act goofy in “Put It on My Head” and “The Underwear Song.” Mixing stories . . . Read More »

Musical Mondays-Sciencetellers

MCSO Building W. Emaus Street, Middletown

Sciencetellers combines storytelling and exciting science experiments into an unprecedented theatrical learning experience. They've been delighting children and their families with their interactive, energetic programming since 2004. Part of our weekly "Musical Mondays" Summer Reading Programing series. For more about Sciencetellers, visit their website.

Musical Mondays-Make Your Own Instruments

MCSO Building W. Emaus Street, Middletown

During this great hands-on week, kids will learn about musical instruments and make instruments of their very own.

Musical Monday- Dancing Drum

St. Peter's Church 121 N. Spring St., Middletown, PA

Special Evening Event. Dancing Drum joins us all the way from New Orleans. Dancing Drum's mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire people of all ages through interactive, percussion-based programs. Since 2002, Dancing Drum has conducted interactive drumming programs at schools, museums, performing arts centers, conventions, festivals, and team-building events from California to the East Coast and internationally.  

Musical Mondays- Two of a Kind

MCSO Building W. Emaus Street, Middletown

Two of a Kind delights audiences of all ages with their music, good humor and audience participation. David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans of Two of a Kind love bringing people together and building community through music. Their beautiful harmonies accompanied by David’s powerful, rhythmic guitar playing and Jenny’s multi-ethnic percussion instruments create magic on stage. An award-winning husband-wife duo, Two of a Kind presents concerts for families and children of all ages, including songs, puppets, movement, and stories – all with an emphasis on interaction and participation. Themes of songs and stories range from reading & . . . Read More »

Musical Mondays- MuZette

MCSO Building W. Emaus Street, Middletown

MuZette: Imagine JS Bach jamming out with Jethro Tull. Add Miles Davis, Turlough O’Carolan, perhaps a few others … all those sounds melting together creates “Folk Fusion.” Since 1990 Tom Reese (flute) & Laurie Haines Reese (cello), husband & wife duo, have developed a unique style that fuses elements of classical, folk, celtic & jazz.  “Folk Fusion” blends classics by Bach, Ellington & O’Carolan bridged by jazz inspired improvisation.  

End of Summer Picnic

Hoffer Park

Last but not least – those who complete the summer reading program by Sat. August 11th are invited to our end of summer picnic celebration in Hoffer Park. Live music! Games! And end of Summer Prizes! Dinner will also be served courtesy of Kiwanis Club of Middletown. Guests at the celebration picnic must have completed the summer reading program AND register for the picnic by Sat. August 11th.