We want to let patrons know that Middletown Public Library has now changed to automatic renewals, a feature that Hershey Public Library has been using successfully for several years.

Previously, if you had a Middletown item out, and wanted to keep it longer, you needed to call or go online to extend the loan period.  With auto-renewal, most items will automatically renew one time without patron input.   

However, this automatic renewal will not occur if there is a hold on the item, or there is an existing charge on your account or your contact information needs updating.  In these cases, the item will still be due on the original due date.

For those patrons with an email on file, you will receive a notice about those items that were automatically renewed and any that couldn’t renew.  You can also check your account online for this information.

Due to our quarantine period, you may receive notice of the renewal even though you have physically returned the item.

And of course, you can always return your items early if you’re finished with them.

We’re excited that we can offer patrons this new convenience.